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A tribe of highly professional marketing experts is ever-growing.

Unlike a rainforest which has thick canopies blocking out all light, the jungle allows in light making it easier for plants to grow – this is how we see ourselves: a jungle full of growing plants – you being the plants.

We focus on our company culture and make sure our plants have enough light and room to grow! As you develop your skills and blossom into sturdy trees our jungle will also grow and expand – which is great news for our clients!


Our mission is to be bright, colourful and passionate in everything we do. Over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment and we feel like this represents the amount of sales and marketing businesses out there – but unlike the rest we aim to be different and the best at representing our clients’ brands.


We have a unique vision to grow and expand our tribe into multiple colonies across the UK and further. We want Smarktivity to be the number one sales and marketing brand in the UK. The word jungle comes from the Sanskrit word which means uncultivated land – our plan is to move into those lands and expand our clients’ market reach!


Want to be part of Birmingham’s most ambitious and most fun sales and marketing firm? Be a part of our tribe. We work closely with our independent contractors to ensure they learn new skills in ways which are best suited to them in order to grow, and in turn grow our business.

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