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Here’s a little insight into what makes us so unique.

Based in Birmingham, we specialise in outsourced sales and marketing on behalf of our clients’ brands. We know that a friendly hello and a firm handshake are the best ways to form a lasting relationship with consumers so this is exactly what we do!

Our unique approach here at Smarktivity to marketing has led to us having exceptional relationships with both our clients and consumers alike. We pride ourselves on our connections and work hard to regularly connect with our clients in order to know what they need and how they want their campaigns to work. We then implement this feedback into our personalised campaigns and this benefits our consumers as they have a transparent and trustworthy relationship with their favourite brands.

These one-to-one relationships with people allow us to increase our clients’ market reach, customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness which are some of the most vital points to business survival.

Outsourced Sales0%
Personalised Marketing0%
Tailored Solutions0%
Loyal Relationships0%
Customer Acquisitions0%


Find out the inspiration behind our company name.

Our company combines our core specialities: sales, marketing and creativity. The sales and marketing industry is constantly changing, so it’s no surprise why innovation and creativity is at the heart of every successful business in our sector.

Customers don’t always react the way we expect them do, so having the ability to be creative and think uniquely is paramount in this industry. As our business constantly comes face-to-face with unpredictable challenges, we promote creativity as one of our core brand values, and encourage every tribe member to let their creative juices flow both in and outside the office.

There’s no wrong answer here at Smarktivity when it comes to sales and marketing, so we’re committed to trying new ideas, it’s the only way we’re going to keep growing!