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Authenticity is essential in strong leadership declares Smarktivity

Authenticity is essential in strong leadership declares Smarktivity

Authenticity is essential in strong leadership declares Smarktivity

“The biggest lesson the business has taught me was that you need to take massive action and responsibility before seeing results and growth,” declares Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity. Musings by the entrepreneur are the foundations behind Smarktivity’s latest statement on the importance of authenticity in leadership.

Smarktivity understands that strong leadership requires a strong sense of character and a dedicated commitment to drive the business forward. Managing Director of Smarktivity, Matt Wassall is passionate about building lasting relationships with brand ambassadors at the firm, eager to lead by example ensuring a sense of trust within the business.

“I’m eager to guarantee that everyone here at Smarktivity knows that as a business owner I will do whatever I expect from them, in the hopes they’ll help our business to reach its milestones,” states the entrepreneur.

The business continues to explore their musings behind strong leadership, recognising that those in positions of responsibility must motivate their contractors with genuine excitement, inspiration and vision. Smarktivity understands that authenticity is the driving force behind this, realising that professionals will only follow a leader that shows genuine passion and excitement for the industry.

“I have a strong enthusiasm for encouraging authenticity at Smarktivity, and I hope other startups will also take this lesson on board. This can be achieved by assuring everyone at a company – even the owner follows office processes and attends crew nights on a weekly basis. Strong leaders have a responsibility to take action and lead by example,” concluded the business owner.

Smarktivity is led by serial entrepreneur and mentor, Matt Wassall. The business owner is passionate about the sales and marketing sector and has long detailed the importance of creating ‘industry leaders’. The business boasts a strong company culture that derives from a desire to improve and motivate brand ambassadors into roles of leadership, an ultimate goal that is evident every day at Smarktivity.

Based in Birmingham, Smarktivity specialises in outsourced sales and marketing on behalf of their clients’ brands. They know that a friendly hello and a firm handshake are the best ways to form a lasting relationship with consumers so this is exactly what they do.


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