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Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm, Smarktivity are leading the industry across the Midlands and as such have researched the journey of manufacturer giant, LEGO. The marketing specialists are eager to replicate the longevity and innovation aspects of the toy manufacturer and correlate this within the sales and marketing sector for decades to come.

As a celebration of this achievement, Managing Director Matt Wassall has organised a business breakfast and celebration evening for the entire Smarktivity Company. The firm is passionate about celebrating the successes and milestone of their contractors. As such, they have referenced a study by USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, their reasoning behind this and why they are urging other companies to follow their example.

The Birmingham-based direct marketing specialists, Smarktivity has recently launched an investigation into employee recognition and its importance to a workforce company culture. In a study of 1,000 employees, of those who received no credit less than 40% stated feeling satisfied at work. In response to this shocking statistic, Smarktivity is eager to discuss how they are showing employee recognition.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham based direct sales and marketing experts that are making a splash in the sector as loud and colourful as their brand. In the current climate in which internet searches for 'customer focused roles' has increased 40%, the company is proud to announce the acquisition of a new client and is excited about the opportunities and new challenges this will present to their team of professional sales representatives.