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Birmingham's uniquely energetic sales and marketing firm, Smarktivity are eager to enter 2018 with a drive and motivation unparalleled by other industry firms. The company has a strong focus on self-development and improvement, with seminars and workshops available for all contractors. The business has begun its New Year with an emphasis on communication and the importance of mastering this skill within the sector.  

Smarktivity party the night away during their Christmas party at Birmingham's M Club & Live Lounge, boasting an impressive cocktail list and the best live acts in sax and percussion. The venue also has a glamorous nightclub bars upstairs with international DJ’s, art and laser shows until the early hours. The celebration at the venue was in part as gratitude to the firm’s brand ambassadors for their hard work, yet also acts as a motivation for dedication over the end of year celebrations.  

Smarktivity understands that the millennial generation is often looked at within the business world with misconceptions, often looked at with connotations of laziness, tendencies to job hop and an obsession with avocado toast. Smarktivity has detailed their reasons below on why the millennial generation operate exceedingly well within the sales and marketing industry and with professionals of all other generations.  

Smarktivity is the outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. The company specialise in building lasting relationships with consumers on a daily basis. As such, the business has put together their top tips on how to lead the sales and marketing industry, with a high focus on listening to customers through feedback and sales trends.