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Birmingham marketing agency Smarktivity celebrates meticulous growth

Birmingham marketing agency Smarktivity celebrates meticulous growth

Birmingham marketing agency Smarktivity celebrates meticulous growth

The firm’s recent surge and success has seen a number of expansions take to the streets of Birmingham, and further across the West Midlands. As a result of their recent growth, the company’s Managing Director has released a statement on the topic of business development and elements to consider.

Smarktivity is Birmingham’s leading sales and marketing agency run by serial entrepreneur Matt Wassall. The firm has seen extensive growth over the past twelve months, and as such is looking forward to an office move to a larger space in the heart of the city centre.

“Growth is something all companies should aim for, but it is also something not everyone thinks about regarding great detail. Success relies on planning and executing growth strategies with great knowledge, and that’s something we think about here at Smarktivity,” declared the business owner.

Smarktivity is eager to ensure they continually monitor trends, inclusive of both economic and customer developments. The business has cited this as crucial as indications towards company longevity, an essential ingredient when considering further expansion.

“An element we are sure to convey in regards to growth is that a foundation of strong professionals is essential, this comes under coaching and development – you can’t begin to expand without a team of dedicated professionals that are eager to expand with you and your business,” continued the entrepreneur.

Expansions are a fantastic opportunity to grow into further markets, increase consumer reach and improve the skills of contractors, declares Smarktivity. The company is passionate about being able to provide their clients with a greater service over the coming months, alongside expanding their clientele with businesses from a wide array of industries.

The UK market has seen substantial growth over previous years with a 4% increase in new businesses since 2016. Smarktivity is proud to be part of the entrepreneurial landscape, helping to contribute to startup enterprises as a result of their coaching of new business owners.

As the business enters the final push towards to the new year, managing director, Matt Wassall is eager to continue developing momentum amongst the company’s contractors. As an ever-growing and ever-expanding tribe, they continually have opportunities arise for new brand ambassadors and are eager to provide these individuals with a chance to gain experience in the sector.


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