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“You can’t do it alone” – Smarktivity’s focus in on teamwork as one of their core values

“You can’t do it alone” - Smarktivity’s focus in on teamwork as one of their core values

“You can’t do it alone” – Smarktivity’s focus in on teamwork as one of their core values

Smarktivity is keen to alter the misconception that sales is a selfish industry, built by individuals who are striving for self-gain over their fellow workers. The firm has this week focused in on teamwork, and its importance within the industry, with a workshop on how its sales representatives can be more selfless in the field. It wants its workforce to look forward to coming into work and from experience knows that a solid team can create the environment necessary to give people more drive to go in and perform to their best.

Matt Wassall, the Managing Director, has introduced this workshop in efforts to create stronger bonds with his team based on his time within the industry. He claimed recently:

“Sales can be hard, and you can ’t do it alone, I want to improve my business by creating a greater sense of inclusivity.”

He is confident that once his workforce frees themselves up to be more selfless, they will gel together. With this in mind, the firm is introducing its workforce to the top tips for selflessness in the field:

1)    Communication

By communicating and socialising contractors are more likely to understand the psyche of their co-workers and realise what annoys them and what makes them happy. Those who are silent in a group often prevent the team gelling together, with this in mind Smarktivity are imploring its workforce to open up to their teammates to create the openness needed to create an optimum working environment.

2)    Out of hours socialising

The firm also provides its workforce with a range of opportunities to socialise out of working hours. It sees this as an essential part of the job, although not necessary, it wants its workforce to be groups of friends rather than associates. Smarktivity is adamant that if contractors stay professionally friendly, they will look forward to the daily grind.

3)    Positivity

The firm is also keen for its workforce to work on how they present themselves to others. It understands that individuals have bad days and do not always need to be positive. But are keen for its workforce to make sure they arrive at work feeling positive about the day ahead as this often makes them more likely to want to be open with others.

With these tips on board, Smarktivity looks forward to seeing its workforce gel together even better as it begins to widen its recruitment stream. With Christmas looming, the firm is working to provide contractors with all the necessary training needed for them to take advantage of the opportunities provided during the season, starting with teamwork.



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