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Competitive Spirit Celebrated at Smarktivity as Firm Launches New Incentive

Competitive Spirit Celebrated at Smarktivity as Firm Launches New Incentive

Competitive Spirit Celebrated at Smarktivity as Firm Launches New Incentive

In a recent statement, the sales and marketing firm Smarktivity unveiled a competition, where they gave their workforce the chance to win a 52-inch television.

The Managing Director, Matt Wassall wants to offer his contractors relevant, fun and exciting incentives to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. He asked them in a recent workshop:

“What would drive you more?”

The overwhelming conclusion was that his staff would like a leader board and points based competition to win something. Upon hearing this response he realised that he needed to feed the competitive spirit of his workforce and set up a competition in which the first contractor to win 40 points (points being awarded based on sales results), would win their very own 52” wide screen HD TV. The competition will run from the beginning of September but Mr Wassall is certain it will only last a few weeks, as his contractors are incredibly competitive.

The feedback from his workshop has prompted Mr Wassall to reflect on the necessity of competition in the workplace and how a sport minded personality comes in handy in the sales and marketing industry. In a recent statement, Matt claimed:

“It is no wonder that a number of ex-sports stars become successful entrepreneurs after their career comes to a close.”

He highlighted that the focus, drive, tenacity and hard working nature of sports people are traits that are transferable to the sales and marketing industry. The commission structure of the industry means that contractors are responsible for creating their own fortune and the prospect of reward for hard work has been proven to drive individuals to increase their performance. This can also be found within sports, as sports people train to increase their performance to reward themselves through victory.

With this in mind, Smarktivity hopes their new programme of inter company competition will fuel the competitive nature of their workforce and prompt company growth moving into Q4.


About the firm

Based in Birmingham, Smarktivity specialises in outsourced sales and marketing on behalf of their client’s brands. They utilise a unique approach to marketing, offering bespoke marketing solutions that focus on a face to face approach in order to build brand loyalty and provide a guaranteed ROI to their clients.

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