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Embrace Your Quirks Like We Do! Says Smarktivity

Smarktivity - embrace your quirks

Embrace Your Quirks Like We Do! Says Smarktivity

Smarktivity has been discussing the importance of owning quirkiness, admitting it is their originality which helps them stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive world of sales and marketing.

The self-made businessman and CEO of the firm has spoken out about his brand’s quirky and colourful style, revealing it works wonders for their recruitment process. “I am proud of our branding because it is unique and attracts exactly the kind of professionals we want: fun, creative and committed individuals,” he said.

The business owner believes in the power of owning originality and reinstating the famous saying; “only you can be you, that is your power.” Smarktivity’s unique jungle themed branding attracts attention and interest from individuals looking to join a company that is different and has a fun personality and work culture. This is exactly how Smarktivity wanted to be perceived, as the CEO was tired of the traditionally grey and formal concept of a lot of corporate sales and marketing firms.

“We always ask new recruits for feedback; asking what specifically attracted them to our brand,” the CEO explained. “It is important to ask these questions so we know what we are doing right and wrong, and how we can improve.”

As an avid believer in the laws of attraction, the CEO believes “you attract what you put out in the world” and for this reason, encourages all entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to embrace all their quirky traits and vision of the world, utilising their particular skill-sets to the best of their ability.

Smarktivity’s mission is to be bright, colourful and passionate in everything they do. Their brand was conceptualised on the idea that over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment, and the Birmingham firm feel like this represents the amount of sales and marketing businesses out there – but unlike the rest, Smarktivity aim to be different and the best at representing their clients’ brands. The company has a unique vision to grow and establish Smarktivity as the number one sales and marketing brand in the UK. Smarktivity plan to move into new territories and expand their clients’ market reach significantly throughout the remainder of 2017.

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