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Smarktivity appeals to graduates seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector

Smarktivity appeals to graduates seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector

Smarktivity appeals to graduates seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector

In preparation for the busiest few months of the year concerning companies competing for top graduating talent, sales and marketing specialists Smarktivity have released a statement on the benefits the industry can provide to aspiring professionals.

In an industry where almost half of all buyers are of millennial and generation Z (Google, 2015), Smarktivity believes the best sales professionals also come from these peer groups.

Continued personal development opportunities are a crucial perk of the business explores Smarktivity, the company has a strong passion for inspiring professionals to exceed expectations. The firm regularly holds self-development workshops, seminars and lectures to aide their aspiring entrepreneurs with their professional skills base.

In an industry dominated by young business owners, growth prospects remain a pivotal aspect of our business model,” explores Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.

The firm is eager to provide their contractors with opportunities to progress at their own pace, as no professional trajectories are the same as the one before. The business offers a number of transferable skills and qualities that are aimed at training many contractors for life as a business owner.

Large name brands and SMEs are continually seeking to push their sales, more so in times of economic uncertainty, ensuring role stability for sales representatives. Indeed, experience within the sales and marketing sector provides the opportunities for individuals to work on their own initiative, a natural transition from student life.

The roles within such firms provide individuals with the opportunity to drive their own success, work towards personal and professional goals while developing a drive for growth argues Smarktivity.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that has seen extensive success since their inception. The firm has won a number of awards and accolades for their effect within the industry, and their domination of the West Midlands. Smarktivity has a strong focus on development and growth, excited to continue their work within the sector, inclusive of developing consumer trends and emerging technology.

In preparation for the graduating season, Smarktivity is continually seeking to offer exciting opportunities to new graduates. Any individuals wishing to apply or seeking more information about the firm, and their roles can contact the company via email on


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