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Smarktivity celebrates a further expansion in a plan to dominate to UK market

Smarktivity celebrates a further expansion in a plan to dominate to UK market

Smarktivity celebrates a further expansion in a plan to dominate to UK market

Birmingham’s most successful marketing agency Smarktivity is led by serial entrepreneur and successful business owner, Matt Wassall. The Managing Director has recently been championing the importance of coaching others in your image, with the scope to ‘replicate yourself with someone able to completely handle the role as well as yourself.’

As Smarktivity celebrate their newest expansion, Matt Wassall releases a statement on his commitment to empowering future business leaders through coaching and guidance as they replicate his success and strengthen their brand.

“My goal as a business coach and mentor is to develop fresh talent within the industry to provide competition and opportunity for those starting out or in need of a recharge. An excellent leader is unforgettable; their actions inspire achievements and growth through empowerment. When I think back in my career, I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential names in the industry, and I pledge to provide the same opportunity for all involved with my company,” he stated.

Ahead of another expansion in Sheffield during the coming weeks, the business has explored the benefits of coaching others for leadership.

Retaining your people – In Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, it was found upon interview, an alarming two-thirds of people were expressing their desire to quit their boss, rather than the job. The firm’s independent contractors can benefit from a free business development opportunity, designed to upskill, boost knowledge and equip participants with skills which will form strong foundations for the marketing industry. Those choosing to attend the free workshops have seen their careers accelerate and opportunities to take on more senior duties arise.

Increase employee engagement – When overseeing independent contractors, it is still essential to understand the impact of engagement. Staff Turnover can be a huge expense for small businesses, and with companies offering regular appraisals, they benefitted from an increase of 25% engagement. The management team at Smarktivity operate an open-door policy where all contractors are welcome to discuss their performance and discuss strategies to boost success.

The New Year will bring an influx in people looking to for new opportunities, Matt Wassall is encouraging people to beat the crowd and align professional goals; and find a business that will support that mission. More information can be found about career opportunities with the firm on their website, and all enquiries will be answered within 48 business hours.

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