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Smarktivity celebrates success with another expansion on the horizon.

Smarktivity celebrates success with another expansion on the horizon.

Smarktivity celebrates success with another expansion on the horizon.

Smarktivity has recently seen one of their most promising contractors graduate their business development programme and start on the journey of opening their own business within the sales and marketing sector. As a result, the firm has explored crucial aspects they address within their programme to prepare their contractors for the competitive world of business.

The firm acknowledges that there are many components to learning and they are eager to continue to develop their programme based on the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Smarktivity takes a problem-focused and practical approach to coaching within the business, keen to use customers as a learning opportunity in real time. The opportunity to approach such problems head-on provides contractors with an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practical experience in a consistently evolving learning environment argues Smarktivity.

Smarktivity defines success within their business as guiding individuals through the ever-changing sales and marketing sector, encouraging their skill development and knowledge. The company uses their contractor’s experiences as a learning resource, guiding them through situations and ensuring their evolution into effective brand ambassadors.

“We’re ecstatic with this latest success within Smarktivity, it truly acts as a source of inspiration and motivation for all of our contractors. One of our core values is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to succeed, and we’re excited to see what the future holds,” declared Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.

The firm’s in-house development programme equips contractors with practical knowledge of professional skills ranging from networking techniques to customer acquisition. The company’s managing director, Matt Wassall is eager to continue the development of the programme to fit with the changing consumer environment and ever-developing technology. The business recognises that in such a digitally focused culture, face-to-face interactions remains more pivotal than ever before.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing agency eager to progress their contractors in a professional environment. The business puts high levels of focus and time into developing their in-house programme and prides themselves on their ability to create future industry leaders. The firm has recently seen huge degrees of success with the move to a larger office within Birmingham city centre and is continually looking to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector.

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