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Smarktivity detail Birmingham’s recent boom of startup businesses

Smarktivity discuss the influx of startup businesses in Birmingham

Smarktivity detail Birmingham’s recent boom of startup businesses

Birmingham-based marketing specialists Smarktivity recently detailed the influx of recent startup businesses in the city, excited to see the entrepreneurial sphere expand with gusto. In a city that has seen £1.6 billion invested in its city centre, Smarktivity is pleased to see this play into an economic boom.

In recent months, Birmingham has seen a considerable influx of startup businesses emerge in the city. Smarktivity is pleased to see a city outside of the country’s capital gain accolades within this area, finding their city to be a hub of creativity and innovation for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Along with exciting new industries making the transition into the West Midlands, the city has also seen a number of significant corporations opening new offices in the metropolitan area. HSBC UK is the latest heritage business to move their headquarters to the Arena Central part of the city.

Birmingham has had the opportunity for a number of recent regional economic developments, many of which have been driven by the city’s Mayor, Andy Street. Such projects include the construction of UK Central, HS2 and Smithfield. Smarktivity is hopeful these developments will continue to attract major public investment and young entrepreneurs seeking a dynamic and profitable city outside of London to establish their businesses.

Birmingham has frequently won the accolade for number one regional city for startup businesses in the UK, a characteristic Smarktivity is eager to continue to encourage. The company boasts an impressive in-house development programme that is designed to enhance and mould the skill sets of contractors at the firm. Smarktivity is eager to continue their work in this area in order to create future industry leaders that will continue to contribute to Birmingham’s booming economy.

The private sector in the city saw 85,200 new jobs since 2010, a figure that proves to be well above the national average, and Smarktivity is eager to ensure Birmingham continues on this trend to create companies and industries that will shape the future.

“Birmingham is a vibrant city, and Smarktivity is ecstatic to see the recent development and influx of young business owners wishing to make the mark in their industries by choosing our city as a base. We’re excited about the coming years and the future of Birmingham city centre,” stated Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.



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