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Smarktivity explains why they’re trying to attract the millennial generations

Smarktivity explains why they're trying to attract the millennial generations

Smarktivity explains why they’re trying to attract the millennial generations

Smarktivity understands that the millennial generation is often looked at within the business world with misconceptions, often looked at with connotations of laziness, tendencies to job hop and an obsession with avocado toast. Smarktivity has detailed their reasons below on why the millennial generation operate exceedingly well within the sales and marketing industry and with professionals of all other generations.  

They can provide generational training: Smarktivity understands the opportunity the millennial generation can contribute to those from other ages, such as Gen X and Baby Boomers. The firm is keen to encourage companies to inspire their professionals to work with one another.   

Smarktivity explores the benefits that can come from multigenerational collaboration, resulting in awareness, development and appreciation across a workforce.   

Enhance Technology: Smarktivity explores the future of the marketing sector, and how this is being highly influenced by the development of new technologies and systems. The firm understands how many individuals of other generation may begin to feel ostracised as these start to become implemented within many industries. The millennial generation offers an opportunity for internal training, particularly as they have been raised in the booming world of the internet, mobile devices and continuously improving technologies.  

Affinity Groups: Smarktvity discusses how millennials can provide invaluable within affinity groups that combine professionals of all generations with a common goal. Such groups can provide a multitude of opportunities for contractors of all ages to discuss, solve and review problems within the workplace.  

Showcase Knowledge: Smarktivity is keen to state how individuals from all generations are eager to share knowledge and skills with those of other generations. The firm has found that young professionals show a strong desire to learn, as well as teach. The company believes that this paves the way for young contractors to become effective leaders, particularly within the sales and marketing sector.  

Smarktivity is Birmingham’s outsourced sales and marketing firm that is leading the way with dynamic client campaigns. The company has a unique approach to their professional operations, and boast powerful relations with both their consumers and clients. Smarktivity’s brand mission: ‘we are committed to trying new ideas, it’s the only way we’re going to keep growing!’ is evident across their entire portfolio of work.  



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