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Smarktivity explore Marketing Lessons that Can Be Learned from Amazon’s Prime Day

Smarktivity explore Marketing Lessons that Can Be Learned from Amazon’s Prime Day

Smarktivity explore Marketing Lessons that Can Be Learned from Amazon’s Prime Day

Direct sales and marketing specialists Smarktivity, have addressed three critical aspects of marketing that can be learnt from Amazon’s latest prime event, the firm is urging SMEs to take these aspects on board in reference to their own advertising.

Amazon’s latest Prime Day was held on the 16th of July and hosted a vast array of deals and savings for Amazon Prime members, the rush lasted 36 hours and has become infamous in its notoriety due to an estimated 100 million Prime Memberships.

In response to this latest event, sales and marketing specialists Smarktivity has released their take on Amazon’s marketing methods and aspects that help them to replicate colossal turnover year after year.

Promotion outside of Amazon is crucial to their success, and the business uses multiple channels such as social media, influencer advertising and word of mouth. Smarktivity finds in-person marketing one of the most effective methods for creating repeat custom and are urging other businesses to tap into this market to see improvement on consumer retention.

Enhancing support systems is essential to maximising sales, in terms of Amazon this relays to technical aspects to ensure the website does not crash or come into difficulties with a significant amount of traffic, etc. Smarktivity advises companies to look to this aspect as inspiration for their own business model, whether this is an adequate number of brand ambassadors with strong training or more technical issues.

Smarktivity advises that SMEs have flexible expectations, detailing how there are no guarantees, business owners must be prepared for unpredictability. There is no definitive outcome to such an event, and this is what Amazon advises to their sellers. Smarktivity is urging business owners to take this advice on board when evaluating their marketing channels.

“Amazon is a huge business, and their latest prime event acts as a lesson to all other businesses, we’re urging SMEs to look to these aspects as guidance and insight regarding marketing campaigns,” states a spokesperson for Smarktivity.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham based outsourced sales and marketing firm that focus on building lasting customer relationships for their high profile clients. The business takes a strong focus on in-person advertising methods to generate vast levels of customer retention.



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