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Smarktivity explores lessons to be learnt from Olympians that resonate with Entrepreneurs

Smarktivity explores lessons to be learnt from Olympians that resonate with Entrepreneurs

Smarktivity explores lessons to be learnt from Olympians that resonate with Entrepreneurs

Smarktivity, the Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm are taking business inspiration from the Olympians at the current PyeongChang 2018 winter Olympics.

In an industry that eagerly anticipates individuals with sports backgrounds and a strong sense of motivation, the firm is encouraging their contractors to mould themselves on Olympians making history.  

The current competition began on February 9th, set to conclude on the 25th, and has the entire nation discussing the gold medal winners. Many sports throughout the initial weeks have seen a number of Olympic records being set, two of which by Olympians from Great Britain in the Women’s 500 metres, short track speed skating. As many contractors at the firm are seeking inspiration from such medalists, Smarktivity has released their own statement on what they believe can be taken from this year’s Winter Olympics.  

Employee Efficiency: In preparation for the event, Olympian organisers planned to reduce the travel time from Seoul, the country’s capital to PyeongChang, where the events are taking place. As such, they installed a high-speed railway that reduced the travel time by half. The lesson to be taken from this is primarily for those in leadership roles, giving their peers the tools they need to maximise efficiency is one way to take inspiration states Smarktivity.   

Explore Passion: A common theme at this year’s Olympics, as the tagline for the event, is “Passion. Connected”, a common attribute that can be directly applied to the sales and marketing industry states Smarktivity. Professional success has a direct correlation with passion, particularly within an industry that boasts a high number of driven individuals. Passion, a subject that lays at the core of every Olympian and entrepreneur.  

Perseverance: A lesson that is evident in all Olympians that compete for their place in the competition yet can also be drawn from the city of PyeongChang. The city has fought for the Winter Olympics a previous two times, in both 2010 and 2014. In advance of their third bid, the city built stadiums and tracks ahead of their acceptance. Smarktivity is encouraging the subject of perseverance amongst their contractors, encouraging reflection and self-development to succeed.  

Smarktivity is eager to seek inspiration in current events across the world, and as such is anticipating the remainder of the Olympics. The firm is seeking lessons that can be learnt from each competition. The firm is eager to look at the lessons mentioned above over the coming months, with focus on their dynamic contractors.  



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