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Smarktivity host workshop to help improve decision-making skills

Smarktivity host workshop to help improve decision-making skills

Smarktivity host workshop to help improve decision-making skills

Effective decision-making separates the average from the extraordinary argues Birmingham-based, Smarktivity.  The direct sales and marketing specialists held a workshop this week to help their contractors improve their decision-making skills. 

Providing client’s with a range of services including customer acquisitions and campaign management Smarkivity can establish authentic relationships with customers by using face-to-face marketing. As well as providing clients with an outsourcing sales and marketing solution, the firm is a development business with a commitment to helping their staff and contractors expand their knowledge and skillset to set them up for future success. Smarktivity offers entrepreneurs a business development opportunity like no other that on completion gives individuals the chance to run their company.

To ensure constant professional development, Smarktivity regularly hosts workshops, with this week’s session on the subject of decision making.  A study from Columbia University indicates that on average, a person has to make 70 decisions a day. Decisions are ranging from what to eat and what to wear, through to tougher decisions such as deciding which new job to take. Smarktivity believes that it is important to be able to prioritise decision making to ensure they are made efficiently.

The firm start by recommending that smaller decisions should be made routine. For example, Barack Obama only ever wore blue or grey suits; with so many other important decisions he had to make daily he decided to cut out the small decisions to avoid decision fatigue. It has also been recommended to make significant decisions in the morning when the mind is at it’s freshest. Sleeping on the bigger decisions is also a good idea to ensure clarity of thought, but Smarktivity warns not to wait too long.

Based in Birmingham City Centre, Smarktivity specialises in the outsourced sales and marketing industry. As well as providing client’s with a first class service, the firm is dedicated to the development of their workforce, and as such, regularly host educational workshops and seminars.



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