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Smarktivity Launch an Investigation into Employee Recognition

Smarktivity launch an investigation into employee recognition

Smarktivity Launch an Investigation into Employee Recognition

The Birmingham-based direct marketing specialists, Smarktivity has recently launched an investigation into employee recognition and its importance to a workforce company culture. In a study of 1,000 employees, of those who received no credit less than 40% stated feeling satisfied at work. In response to this shocking statistic, Smarktivity is eager to discuss how they are showing employee recognition.

During the company’s recent morning meetings, Managing Director, Matt Wassall has been showcasing a spotlight on high performers as an act of recognition and appreciation. The meetings provide an opportunity for contractors to brainstorm, celebrate and discuss the achievements of others.

On the company’s recent recognition incentive, Managing Director Mr Wassall had to say “I think it’s important to recognise the achievements of our contractors, it shows how we value them as entrepreneurs.”

Researchers continued to find that of those surveyed employees pinpointed that a simple act of appreciation can immediately increase their value and job satisfaction from those within leadership roles.

The study continued to discuss frequency, detailing its importance to show continued appreciation amongst a workforce, evident through leaders and peers. The same survey continued to find that of individuals that had been shown appreciation within the last 30 days; a staggering 80% felt satisfied with their job role.

Smarktivity has found that exploring appreciation during their recent morning meetings have had a dramatic effect on productivity and enthusiasm with the field. The firm continues to modify their business development programme in order to ensure their contractors remain the most skilled in the sector and will be able to shape the future of the industry.

On their subject of in-house training Smarktivity discusses how they work closely with their independent contractors to ensure they learn new skills in ways which are best-suited to them in order to grow, and in turn grow our business.



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