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Smarktivity Launch New Campaign in the Property Sector

Smarktivity Launch New Campaign in the Property Sector

Smarktivity Launch New Campaign in the Property Sector

Smarktivity, Birmingham’s loudest direct marketing agency has launched a new campaign with a strong initiative to help people within council properties to purchase their houses via access to discounts and advice in the UK property market.

The firm has launched this new campaign designed to help individuals in council houses help to purchase their homes in such a challenging UK property market. The exciting new initiative provides individuals with insight to discounts and advice to those seeking to own their own homes that may have previously been denied access or unable to seek such valuable information and resources.

Smarktivity’s Managing Director Matt Wassall has detailed a strong passion for this campaign as he is eager to help those in challenging positions to gain a step on the property ladder, the business owner is also excited to explore further into similar campaigns that play into their recent focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), aimed at helping their local community.

CSR is a mechanism that provides businesses to actively think about the impact they are having upon communities and society. This can include social, ethical or environmental focuses to improve the lives of those across the globe. Smarktivity has recently launched an investigation into CSR and is hopeful to take on new clients that play into such a phenomenon, alongside their development programme that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed.

Smarktivity is urging other businesses to consider entering a CSR programme to maximise the appeal of their company, listing many of the benefits such as maintaining a happy workforce, generating innovation, enhancing influence and positive publicity amongst a multitude of others.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is truly becoming a phenomenon which is why I’m so pleased our latest campaign plays into this. Providing individuals with the opportunity to get a foot on the property ladder is invaluable, particularly in such an uncertain UK home ownership market,” stated Matt Wassall Managing Director of Smarktivity.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham-based direct marketing agency run by serial entrepreneur and business owner, Matt Wassall. The firm has seen rapid growth in recent months with the move to a larger office in the city centre and has celebrated this success with a more significant focus on providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to succeed in the sales and marketing sector alongside meaningful campaign acquisition.


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