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Smarktivity on a mission to dispel statistic that 55% of sales representatives lack basic skills

Smarktivity on a mission to dispel statistic that 55% of sales representatives lack basic skills

Smarktivity on a mission to dispel statistic that 55% of sales representatives lack basic skills

In light of a recent article by Forbes magazine, Managing Director of Smarktivity Matt Wassall was shocked to hear that up to 55% of sales representatives lack basic sales skills. As a business owner that puts a large percentage of time and effort into the development of ambassadors at the firm, he was eager to explore what SMEs can do to reduce this statistic.

The business owner has recently returned from an industry conference in which he acted as keynote speaker for leaders and delegates from the across the UK’s sales and marketing sector. The entrepreneur discussed a number of topics, amongst which included professional development and progression. Mr Wassall has long spoken about the importance of attending industry conferences, irrespective of experience level, detailing how there is always something to be learnt from such events.

“Industry conferences are a great way that small businesses can inspire their ambassadors, not only do they provide insight into industry trends and other topics but they also promote networking and communication development – a crucial skill all young professionals must aim to master,” stated the business owner.

A Delta Point survey found that a staggering 2/3 individuals believe their organisation does not provide adequate coaching for those in leadership roles. Smarktivity is passionate about delivering development for all individuals, by encouraging one-to-one mentorship with industry giants across the nation. The firm also frequently hosts seminars and workshops designed to explore emerging trends and basic skills – understanding the benefits for every individual.

“Businesses should be looking at enhancing the development of those in leadership roles – after all, these individuals act as your second in command. Without strong leadership a company is sure to struggle, particularly in small enterprises, it’s all hands on deck,” continued the entrepreneur.

Mr Wassall is keen to emphasise the importance of ongoing coaching for professionals across all industries, referencing that ultimate success of a company comes back to the people at the heart of the organisation. The managing director is hopeful that this latest statement will act as an inspiration to small business owners in the UK.

Matt Wassall is the Managing Director of Birmingham-based Smarktivity, with a number of years experience within the industry, the entrepreneur is passionate to continue to share his wealth of knowledge. He frequently gives notable talks and speeches to delegates across the nation in the hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders. The business owner has also developed a unique in-house development programme for the ambassadors of Smarktivity, providing them with strong skill sets to aid them on their journey to business ownership.


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