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Smarktivity Outlines How Millennials are Taking over the Business World

Smarktivity Outlines How Millennials are Taking over the Business World

Smarktivity Outlines How Millennials are Taking over the Business World

As a company with a young workforce, Smarktivity has long supported millennials as valuable additions to the modern business world. Recently the firm has shared how this often-misunderstood generation is taking over the business world.

Smarkivity is a Birmingham based sales and marketing firm. The company is confident in the fact they want to stand out from the plethora of sales and marketing firms across the country. The company’s mantra –  ‘be bright, bold and colourful’ is ingrained into every campaign they produce, and aids in the vast array of clients on their books. Smarkivity believes that having a vibrant and ambitious millennial workforce is helping the firm to reach their goals quicker and become a leading force in the industry.

The millennial generation is often considered as a poor addition to the working world, with connotations of being lazy, frequent job hoppers and unwilling to go the extra mile to start on the career ladder. Smarkivity was pleased to finally see the business world recognise the generation for what they are; hardworking, dynamic and dedicated young professionals.

A recent study by The Conference Board, Development Dimensions International, and RW2 Enterprises has found research to support Smarkivity’s positive findings on the millennial generation. The study has found that young professionals are shown to contribute many positive and highly desirable contributions to their working lives. The study surveyed 14 high profile companies on the generation, defined as those born after 1982.

Throughout the study the millennial generation was proven to destroy stereotypes often prevalent in modern day culture, proving to be more ambitious during their career infancies, abstract thinkers and more inclined to solve problems creatively. The study overwhelmingly found the generation to be better fitting employees that those defined as Generation X or Baby Boomers. Researchers also found that over 40 percent of millennials in employment was quoted as hoping to stay at their current companies for over 15 years, destroying the misconception that they are inclined to change careers frequently.

Smarkivity state that they will continue to invest their time in developing young professionals. They hope that in light of this study other companies will follow their example. The firm has found that the generation is shown to be innovators with higher levels of imagination; a trait highly sought after in the marketing world. The firm feels that this is particularly important for them as they frequently produce unique and engaging campaigns for their expanding client base.



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