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Smarktivity provides their insights on the perfect pitch in sales

Smarktivity provides their insights on the perfect pitch in sales

Smarktivity provides their insights on the perfect pitch in sales

Smarktivity understands that through selling face to face, over the phone or even through email, very few of us communicate as well as we should. However, the firm wants its workforce to be the very best. The company is utilising this week’s workshops to highlight the key aspects of the sales pitch that its workforce can work on in order improve their sales targets. However, it also wants its workforce to realise the different components of the spoken word that they can work on.

The first and most important aspect of someone’s tone is the pace in which they communicate. Smarktivity has grouped representatives into pairs to practice altering their vocal speed and experiment the optimum rate at which they should talk to their customer to hear each word they are saying. If the sales representative is too fast in their pitch, they will often fail to convey every aspect of their product and in turn, fail to make the sales. The firm finds that a medium paced pitch frequently engages customers to the right extent while also preventing the customer from being bored by what the salesperson is saying.

The firm will also be working with contractors on the tone of their pitch. While customer services find that calm and comforting usually work for clients, sales representatives at Smarktivtiy are being tailored to add energy to their pitches, by flipping up the volume and tone of their tone when they want their potential customers to engage more directly with them. Further to this, they want each of their workforce to practice the melody of their pitch by altering the lift and fall of their pitch, in order to bring the message of their pitch to life and inspire their customers to purchase the product.

Smarktivity will be leaving its workforce with one crucial rule: that every customer interaction is unique and the pitch should, therefore, be entirely situational. The company wants its workforce to practice multiple different kinds of conversation approaches to make sure they are more familiar with the way in which they need to present the product to a customer depending on the type of individual they are. By incorporating pitch role play into their business skills development, the firm is confident they will generate some impressive and proficient sales representatives.



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