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Smarktivity Put Down Roots as they Personalise Birmingham Office

Smarktivity Put Down Roots as they Personalise Birmingham Office

Smarktivity Put Down Roots as they Personalise Birmingham Office

The most colourful and creative sales and marketing firm in the Midlands have been busy personalising their office, settling into their Birmingham headquarters as the company continues to grow.

The tribe of highly professional marketing experts is ever-expanding and accommodating the growing workforce, CEO Matt Wassall has been busy designing a creative workspace for his contractors to inhabit.

Smarktivity is known for their unique and quirky approach to sales and marketing which is reflected in their “jungle” company theme. In keeping with the exotic tone, Matt has created an office which looks as wild and wonderful as the branding, having this week unveiled a grass floor in the Atmosphere Room of the firm’s headquarters.

The tailor-made floor is made of artificial grass, intended to create a ‘Jungle Look’ says Matt. “Here at Smarktivity we would to encourage and embrace quirkiness and creativity,” the business owner explained. “We are unlike any other company in the industry, we approach things in a totally unique and inventive way, and I want our office space to reflect our personality.

Matt is thrilled with the steady stream of interest Smarktivity has been experiencing over the last few months and welcomes all new clients and contractors with open arms, eager to grow the firm’s market reach around the Midlands and throughout the rest of the UK.

Smarktivity combines three core specialities: sales, marketing, and creativity. In a booming industry which is constantly changing, the firm is proud to ensure innovation and creativity are at the heart of every successful business. With sales and marketing expertise spanning across a range of areas including customer acquisition, campaign management, brand awareness and brand loyalty, when it comes to their business approach, Smarktivity is committed to trying exciting, innovative new ideas!

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