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Smarktivity reveal sales Techniques to Maximise Success

Smarktivity reveal sales Techniques to Maximise Success

Smarktivity reveal sales Techniques to Maximise Success

Birmingham based direct sales and marketing specialists Smarktivity, recently ran a company-wide workshop designed to progress the development of their contractors. The firm focused on emerging sales trends to maximise success across campaigns, with strong attention to the needs of the consumer.

Smarktivity designed the company-wide workshop around three critical aspects of closing a sale, beginning with the opportunity to discover more about the individual. A great way to explore this aspect is to ask the customer questions about their needs states Smarktivity, by presenting such queries with a genuine interest bridges a sense of connection between brand ambassador and consumer. By pinpointing areas in which the customer is interested allows the sales representative to focus, providing a personalised experience.

Secondly, the business turned their focus to aiding their contractors in the ability to uncover hidden needs of any prospects, recognising that this is the secret to closing sales. Smarktivity describes how this requires recognising how a product or service can benefit the customer, compellingly articulating this.

The closure of the workshop focused on closing the deal, exploring the fact that a sale happens when the customer wants it to, not when the representative decides that it is time. The acceptance of a deal requires a number of aspects ranging from confidence to budget. Smarktivity explores how a customer must feel they entirely understand what they are being offered, how this can benefit them directly and the options available.

“Workshops such as these are made available to all those at Smarktivity, and they’re designed to provide an extra dimension to our business. We want to continue to provide ongoing training and mentorship to our contractors, helping them to achieve their objective,” stated Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.

By designing workshops focused on self-development, Smarktivity is hopeful to inspire their contractors to work on their sales skills and work towards completing their goals over the coming months. Smarktivity is a results-driven agency that frequently beats records across the board, often topping client leaderboards.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm that is leading the industry in the west midlands. Business owner, entrepreneur and mentor Matt Wassall is passionate about providing coaching for young professionals entering the sector, hoping to continue their development to prepare them to become business leaders.


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