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Smarktivity see Further Success with the Acquisition of a New Client

Smarktivity see further success with the acquisition of a new client

Smarktivity see Further Success with the Acquisition of a New Client

Smarktivity is the Birmingham based direct sales and marketing experts that are making a splash in the sector as loud and colourful as their brand. In the current climate in which internet searches for ‘customer focused roles’ has increased 40%, the company is proud to announce the acquisition of a new client and is excited about the opportunities and new challenges this will present to their team of professional sales representatives.

Smarktivity has seen immeasurable success since their inception, which is showing no signs of slowing in the near future with the acquisition of a new client.The firm’s new client is a high profile loyalty subscription service, in which Managing Director; Matt Wassall is taking a hands-on approach.

In reference to the exciting acquisition the entrepreneur and company director had to say “I’m excited for the Smarktivity family to take on this new client as it will really push the team to explore new and exciting challenges.”

Ahead of the new campaign strategy and in reference to their new high profile client, the firm has detailed a variety of aspects to consider to maximising consumer experience.

Smarktivity is proud to have invested in a group of dynamic young sales representatives, with on-going mentoring and learning opportunities, the firm is pleased to boast high-quality sales contractors. Individual’s at the firm is eager to represent a multitude of clients from varying industries with both knowledge and enthusiasm to potential customers.

Understanding consumer trends and expectations is essential to exceeding targets states Smarktivity. The firm is eager to implement initiatives and ensure they are leading the competition in appealing to consumers. The company has further plans to continue to educate their contractors on consumer trends in the ever-changing sales sector.

Generating a customer-focused culture is essential in the sales and marketing industry explores Smarktivity. The importance of ensuring company and contractor values align with that of the consumer is the first step in creating real and lasting customer relations.

Smarktivity is eager to continue 2018 how they have started, in a strong position to take on further clients, from varying industries. The firm is consistently looking for ways they can enhance their brand and continue to develop their strong industry reputation.


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