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Smarktivity sees Entrepreneur Graduate Business Development Programme

Smarktivity sees Entrepreneur Graduate Business Development Programme

Smarktivity sees Entrepreneur Graduate Business Development Programme

As a celebration of this achievement, Managing Director Matt Wassall has organised a business breakfast and celebration evening for the entire Smarktivity Company. The firm is passionate about celebrating the successes and milestone of their contractors. As such, they have referenced a study by USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, their reasoning behind this and why they are urging other companies to follow their example.

Personalisation adds an active element to company culture states Smarktivity, and they are eager to ensure that each milestone is relatable to the individual in question. This is an easy way to celebrate achievement without organising a huge event, which is increasingly harder for businesses consistently seeing employee growth.

The act of gratitude should frequently be explored states the firm, it is what contributes successfully to strong company culture and results in happier individuals. The firm regularly celebrates even the smallest of achievements with a “well done,” “congratulations” and “thank you.” USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute has conducted a study on the act of gratitude on the brain, finding that individuals are more inclined to feel “morally and economically competent.”

Tangible rewards such as team breakfasts, crew nights and workforce activities are rewards that heavily play into the company’s health and wellness culture, resulting in increased levels of appreciation and help professionals to see how they are valued. This is a small gesture that Smarktivity states each company can implement this within their employee model, at little cost.

Smarktivity is continually modifying their business development programme in order to ensure their contractors remain the best in the industry. As such, the firm consistently seeks feedback from their professionals regarding their coaching, mentorship, and workshops that the Managing Director and leaders present on a daily basis. Smarktivity works closely with their independent contractors to ensure they learn new skills in ways, which are best, suited to them in order to grow, and in turn grow the business.

The sales and marketing expertise at Smarktivity expands across a range of areas including customer acquisition, campaign management, brand awareness and brand loyalty.



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