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Smarktivity support Business Development project in Birmingham

Smarktivity support Business Development project in Birmingham

Smarktivity support Business Development project in Birmingham

Smarktivity’s Managing Director, Matt Wassall has responded to further reports on development within Birmingham City Centre. The entrepreneur and business owner has recently commented on a number of projects throughout the city that have played into the entrepreneurial community in the West Midlands.

A new planned development has been announced within the city, and the new location will help to solidify the city’s standing as a business-focused contender in the UK market. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the city was given £14 million to support the development, with further financial support coming from other local organisations.

The development will see the renovation of a historical cycle factory, located in the heart of the city, and will be transformed into a £60 million business hub that will be designed for small and local businesses, art organisations and commercial space.

A spokesperson for the project detailed the effect this will have on the local community, “It will provide space for talented and innovative people from across academia, business and civic society to come together and develop ideas and products that change the world.”

The project has the full support of the local Mayor, Andy Street who has been spearheading a number of the recent developments in the city, eager to propel Birmingham in the entrepreneurial stakes. The city hosts a huge array of projects, programmes and local co-working spaces for developing entrepreneurs and eager business owners.

“There has been huge news coming out of Birmingham recently that is focused on entrepreneurs and their development. This latest renovation is a huge leap forward for our local aspiring entrepreneurs. Here at Smarktivity, we’re ecstatic at this latest news, and we’re ready to help aspiring business owners in every way we can,” states Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.

Smarktivity is the outsourced sales and marketing specialists based in the heart of Birmingham city centre, and the company has a business programme in place that is designed at creating future industry leaders. Smarktivity focuses on enhancing the skills of their contractors through one-to-one mentorship, in-house seminars, and networking opportunities.


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