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Smarktivity take Lessons from Manufacturer Legend, LEGO

Smarktivity take lessons from manufacturer legend, LEGO

Smarktivity take Lessons from Manufacturer Legend, LEGO

Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm, Smarktivity are leading the industry across the Midlands and as such have researched the journey of manufacturer giant, LEGO. The marketing specialists are eager to replicate the longevity and innovation aspects of the toy manufacturer and correlate this within the sales and marketing sector for decades to come.

Kirk Kristiansen established LEGO in the early 1930s, and the firm has since remained at the forefront of their industry while tackling many obstacles and challenges over the last 90 years, which has acted as a significant inspiration to the sales and marketing specialists, Smarktivity. LEGO is now the world’s largest toy manufacturer, boasting a margin of 24%.

LEGO have mastered the balance between tradition and innovation, after facing a staggering $800 million in debt during the mid-2000s, the firm took to revolution. LEGO released limited edition kits and its first feature-length film in 2014. The movie grossed millions at the box office, resulting in a staggering 19% increase in annual revenue catapulting LEGO back to the forefront of their sector.

Smarktivity understands the importance of consistent development and innovation and details how this can be directly applied to the sales and marketing sector. The firm is known as experts in their field and places this down to their vibrant and energetic campaigns in correlation with their unique and genuine consumer-client relationships.

The firm has recognised vital aspects that can be taken from LEGOs empire to the sales and marketing sector. Experimentation, embracing all audiences and innovation from within are the crucial points Smarktivity are eager to replicate. The firm is adamant to incorporate such lessons into motivational meetings for their contractors.

Smarktivity is eager to encourage other agencies to look to business giants such as LEGO, taking inspiration from facts such as the statistic that roughly about 117,000 LEGO pieces are made per minute. Smarktivity is eager to head the lessons learned from LEGO to ensure their own business stands the test of time and will remain at the forefront of the sales and marketing industry in 90 years time.



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