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Smarktivity: There’s No Such Thing As Learning Too Much!

Smarktivity: There’s No Such Thing As Learning Too Much!

Smarktivity: There’s No Such Thing As Learning Too Much!

With hopes of accelerating the careers of each Smarktivity contractor, CEO Matt Wassall has signed up for a number of important industry meetings taking place around the UK this month.

In a bid to propel his sales and marketing workforce to new heights, the charismatic business owner has confirmed Smarktivity’s attendance at invitation only events in London, Manchester and Edinburgh throughout September.

Entrepreneur Matt believes passionately in equipping his workforce with the relevant skills and knowledge required to excel in the industry. “You can never attend too many meetings or know too much about this world,” he said. “The goal is for us all to retain as much information as possible, if you do this early on, you will sooner be able to achieve the best results effectively.”

Last week the Smarktivity office attended the first of these educational events; a two-day seminar at London’s Hilton Bankside hotel. The seminars focused on subjects such as Driving Sales, the Training of Assistant Managers and Improving Recruitment.

The next workshop will be held in Manchester later this week, at the legendary Old Trafford Cricket ground. Leadership will be the main topic of discussion at this event, with an agenda focused mainly on Developing Leaders and Being a Responsible and Inspirational Leader. Several high profile guest speakers will be contributing on the day, and The Smarktivity CEO hopes his contractors will be inspired by their success stories, recounting the many opportunities on offer within their field.

By attending as many industry events as they can, as well as learning as much about the sales and marketing world as possible, the Smarktivity workforce hopes to broaden their network and increase awareness of their brand.

Smarktivity combines three core specialities: sales, marketing, and creativity. In a booming industry which is constantly changing, the firm is proud to ensure innovation and creativity are at the heart of every successful business. With sales and marketing expertise spanning across a range of areas including customer acquisition, campaign management, brand awareness and brand loyalty, when it comes to their business approach, Smarktivity is committed to trying exciting, innovative new ideas!

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