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Smarktivity’s Matt Wassall: How To Be the Best Public Speaker You Can Be

Smarktivity’s Matt Wassall: How To Be the Best Public Speaker You Can Be

Smarktivity’s Matt Wassall: How To Be the Best Public Speaker You Can Be

Ahead of an important talk on ‘Business Foundations’ at a VIP sales and marketing conference this month, CEO Matt Wassall spoke openly about conducting impactful and engaging speeches.

The sales and marketing conference took place at Lancashire County Cricket Club on Sunday 10th September and in addition to Mr Wassall’s talk on Business Foundations, also included discussions on subjects such as How to Develop New Leaders, Utilising Social Media, Field Sales Skills and the Importance of Observation Days.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs from across all sectors sharpen their public speaking skills, Mr Wassall shared his advice on conducting a successful speech, prior to the weekend’s event.

  1. Be Yourself and Be Excited

Firmly embedded in Smarktivity’s ethos is the notion of everyone embracing their own quirks and being themselves at all times. Matt Wassall is the living, breathing embodiment of this mentality and for this reason, his first tip to individuals addressing a crowd is to “stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid of showing excitement and enthusiasm.” The Smarktivity boss believes audiences mirror the energy speakers give off, therefore if they appear excited, the audience will reciprocate.

  1. Tell a Story that Resonates

The CEO believes when making a speech, it is important for the speaker to remember not to speak only about themselves, but to present a story or an example of a challenge which will resonate with the audience. “Telling a compelling story that audience members can relate to makes you a more emotive speaker and in the long run helps you establish yourself as a like-minded individual others can and should respect,” explains the seasoned entrepreneur.

  1. Engage Your Audience

“When possible, create an interactive atmosphere and make everyone feel involved,” advises the CEO. Rather than waiting for a formal Q&A style discussion at the end, he encourages public speakers to take matters into their own hands; during a speech and allow audience members to participate by encouraging them to ask their neighbour a question or share a thought. “How many other people share this concern?” is one way of obtaining a collective response which can help focus a talk, even with a large audience.

The firm’s mission is to be bright, colourful and passionate in everything they do. Their brand was conceptualised on the idea that over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment, and the Birmingham firm feel like this represents the amount of sales and marketing businesses out there – but unlike the rest, Smarktivity aim to be different and the best at representing their clients’ brands. The company has a unique vision to grow and establish Smarktivity as the number one sales and marketing brand in the UK. The word jungle comes from the Sanskrit word which means uncultivated land – Smarktivity plan to move into those territories and expand their clients’ market reach.


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