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Smarktivity’s MD lists the questions every great leader should ask

Smarktivity's MD lists the questions every great leader should ask

Smarktivity’s MD lists the questions every great leader should ask

Matt Wassall is Smarktivity’s Managing Director and has long been hailed as an industry expert with years of experience in the sales and marketing sector. As such, the entrepreneur has taken this opportunity to use his experience to list the questions he believes every great leader, irrespective of industry should be able to answer.

What do you believe leadership is about?

This is a philosophy that indeed gives an insight into effective leadership argues Mr Wassall, exploring how principles often precede promises. The entrepreneur answers this question himself, stating that effective leaders serve others and are passionate about bridging the gap between goals and accomplishment.

What do you expect of me?

All business owners must be able to acknowledge that leadership remains a two-way street, all strong leaders will use inclusive words to answer this questions such as ‘we’ and ‘us’ argues Mr Wassall. The entrepreneur outlines that as a business owner himself, he will eagerly create opportunities for fair criticism, to ensure mutual development.

What can I expect of you?

This question is one that inspires brainstorming, encouraging contractors to think of how they will fit into a business other than the expected answers (hard work and honesty etc.). This question provides individuals with an opportunity for self-evaluation, an aspect that is essential for personal and professional success, an active element of inspirational leadership.

Matt Wassall is keen to display his theory that continued self-development is imperative to business success. The entrepreneur is looking to his own leadership to continue his domination in the industry and continue to expand the success of Smarktivity. The business owner is eager to display how all great business leaders should be continually developing and adapting to modifications within their industry. Mr Wassall explores how this requires a consistent evaluation of oneself, imperative to inspire those within a business successfully.

Smarktivity is the Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that are leading the sales and marketing sector in the West Midlands. The firm is continually seeking fresh individuals looking to gain experience in the industry, and are eager to enlist new individuals into the personal-development programme.


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