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To succeed, businesses must master the customer experience, declares Smarktivity

To succeed, businesses must master the customer experience, declares Smarktivity

To succeed, businesses must master the customer experience, declares Smarktivity

Birmingham’s loudest marketing specialists Smarktivity have taken a recent focus on the basics of effective marketing, exploring how mastering the customer experience is imperative in achieving business longevity.

The customer experience is something that marketing agencies conduct every single day, but it is something that can often take a backseat. Here at Smarktivity, we make a conscious effort to ensure that is not the case. Continually improving the customer process is what fuels our motivation every single day,” declared Matt Wassall, Managing Director of Smarktivity.

A survey conducted by Customer Management IQ found that up to 75% of customer experience experts, rated consumer encounters 5/5 for importance. Research also suggests that many organisations evaluate their own quality of customer service at 80% – a stark contrast from varying consumers that give it a measly 8%.

As a result, Smarktivity is sharing their wisdom on how to create and maintain a great consumer experience for individuals across all industries and demographics.

Create a Clear Vision

Smarktivity investigates the importance of creating and evolving a clear vision when designing a consumer experience strategy, and this can directly link to the values of the company. A primary way to help generate thoughts on this topic is to brainstorm statements to act as guiding principles – what is essential to a customer, and how can a business contribute to that?

Understand Varying Customers

There is a multitude of various customers in the public sphere, and it’s imperative to understand the different needs and wants of each demographic declares Smarktivity. The business is urging other companies to take the time to understand ways to connect and emphasise with these consumers and recognise ways in which their products or service can improve their lives.

Capture Feedback

“We are huge advocates for gaining customer feedback in real time – asking people how we can improve is essential in continually modifying and enhancing our skills. Insightful feedback and comments are crucial to recognise areas for improvement across all touch points,” continued the business owner.

Based in Birmingham, Smarktivity specialises in outsourced sales and marketing on behalf of their various clients’ brands. They believe that a friendly hello and a firm handshake are the best ways to form a lasting relationship with consumers. The firm recognises that the secret to paving the way for the industry lies with their ability to continue to provide an excellent experience for their vast array of customers.


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