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“To be a better salesperson be nicer” – Smarktivity delve into the secret to sales success

“To be a better salesperson be nicer” - Smarktivity delve into the secret to sales success

“To be a better salesperson be nicer” – Smarktivity delve into the secret to sales success

Smarktivity is a firm believer in adapting to market trends and is confident that its choice to lean away from hard selling is supported by a substantial range of evidence. Long gone are the days where sales representatives are seen as pushy aggressive; instead, the firm is investing a vast majority of its time into generating a workforce of contractors who are approachable and likeable. Likability has been proven in some social studies to impact significantly on an individual’s persuasive ability. The most notable research on this topic comes from Robert Cialdini’s classic work Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, in which he lays out six principles of influence the most important being someone’s likability. Smarktivity wants each of its contractors to read this piece, but have this week highlighted likability as one of their core values that they wish for each contractor to nurture in their field sales.

While it easy to say become more likeable, Smarktivity wants its workforce to realise that someones likability is, in fact, something they can practice and develop by following some key steps. The firm is using this weeks workshop to outline the three ways in which its workforce can grow into more likeable individuals. In an exclusive insider report, Smarktivity’s managing director Matt Wassall has revealed the top tips he has developed for his contractors. They are as follows:

1)    Choose how you present yourself and stick with it

This point is simple; people often trust those who are consistent with their appearance and tone. Especially in sales, Smarktivity believes that those who choose to present themselves well, speak in a kind manner and truly engage those they are with are more likely to generate trust with their customer.

2)    Develop skills of curiosity

People are more likely to connect and buy off those they trust. Smarktivity believes that the key to this trust is through curiosity. Often people make the mistake of lecturing and boring a potential client. Instead, Matt Wassall wants his workforce to look engaged with their customers and ask questions to build a relationship of trust.

3)    Practice your selling face

No one wants to be talking to someone who looks stressed or angry, and the firm is asking its workforce to work alongside their fellow contractors and be honest with the kinds of facial expressions people make when delivering a pitch. It has been proven that those who smile more and look relaxed in their face are more likely to build a relationship of trust and consequently guarantee a sale.

With these three tips in mind, Smarktivity is confident that it will continue to help alter the perceptions of people when they approach people on the field. They are looking to Christmas period with optimism that their workforce will be able to build the trusting relationships required to make more sales and improve their targets.



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